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Nortel Repair Service

Multimessage test and repair a wide range of Nortel products from small PBX units and telephones to large enterprise systems and cards.

Some examples of the Nortel systems we repair as follows:

All legacy Norstar equipment, Nortel BCM, Nortel Meridian Option, Nortel CS1000, Callpilots, Nortel Switches.

Nortel CS1000 Repairs.jpg

Multimessage repair both digital and IP telephones as well as dect handsets from the Nortel range of equipment.

Examples of some of the Nortel phones we repair:

Nortel IP:

  • Nortel i2001 IP Phone
  • Nortel i2002 IP Phone
  • Nortel i2004 IP Phone
  • Nortel i2007 IP Phone
  • Nortel 1110 IP phone
  • Nortel 1120 IP phone
  • Nortel 1140 IP phone
  • Nortel 1150 IP phone
  • Nortel 1165 IP phone
  • Nortel 1100 Expansion Module
  • Nortel 1210 IP Phone
  • Nortel 1220 IP Phone
  • Nortel 1230 IP Phone
  • Nortel 1200 Expansion Module
  • Nortel IP Conference Phone 2033

Nortel Digital:

Nortel M3901, M3902, M3903, M3904, M3905.

Nortel M7100, M7208, M7310 + N Series
Nortel BCM T7100, T7208, T7316 + T24 Expansion Module

Nortel M2008, M2616, M2006, M2216, M3820

Nortel 1140 Repair.jpeg

Nortel DECT Handsets; 4025, 4027, 4060, 4065R 4070, 4075R, 4135, 4145 all repaired by our in house Nortel specialist engineers.

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