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    Alcatel Lucent 7750-sr12

Multimessage we repair the Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent equipment.

Nokia 7750-SR

Our repair centre has the 7750-SR-12 test system, originally manufactured by Alcatel-Lucent and now supplied by Nokia. We are capable of repairing all the associated modules for this system, including Switch Fabric and Control Processor Modules, PEM, Input/Output Module (IOM), Integrated Media Module (IMM) and Multiservice Integrated Service Module (MS-ISM).

Contact us for support on this equipment or email us at customerservice@multimessage.co.uk

Example parts supported listed below:

3HE03617AA - Alcatel 7750 SR SFM3-124
3HE00009AA - Alcatel 7750 SR 12 Slot Shelf DC Power Entry Module (PEM)
3HE00016AA - Alcatel 7750 SR 12 Standard Fan Tray
3HE01473AA - Alcatel 7750 SR-12 20G Input Output Module
3HE00019AA - Alcatel 7750 SR-12 SFM-400G Switch Fabric Module
3HE01171AA - Alcatel 7750 SR-12 SFM-200G 3GB Switch Fabric Module
3HE03614AA - Alcatel 7750 SR-12 M10-1GB-XP-SFP

Nokia Synfonet, STM1-4, STM16 Chassis and cards are live in our repair centre for our engineers to use for testing.

All nokia cards supported in the Synfonet systems can be repaired in house by our trained engineers.

Example parts supported as follows:

T30172.03 STM-16 IU 1 Channel
T30172.42 STM-16 IU 1 Ch L-16.
T30171.02 STM-4 IU 1 Channel
T30174.01 CDXC1 Control and CC
T30175.01 CDXC2 Control and CC

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