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Ascom Dect handset repairs

The Ascom range of equipment has been part of our repair portfolio for many years. We have repaired thousands of Ascom dect handsets and supporting equipment for our customers.
Ascom dect handsets are robust handsets but with the nature of a dect handset, they can get quite a lot of physical abuse by falling out of pockets or dropped etc. Our repair on these handsets is based on many years experience and our engineers have a very high yield on the repair of these.

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Multimessage repair the following Ascom Dect handsets:

Ascom 9D24, Talker (9D24-ABABA), Messenger, Protector, Atex Rated, Raid2 Models (RAID2-AAAAA/1E), Ascom D81 (DH5-AABAAA) plus many more of the different variants.

We have tailored our repair process and invested in spare parts to be able to refurbish Ascom dect handsets as part of our repair when required to get a better quality product back to the customer.

Our repair turnaround time on Ascom equipment is generally 5 working days. By using Multimessage to repair your Ascom cordless handsets we ensure a quick turnaround time and a cost effective repair solution.

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