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A few case studies below about repairs and logistics solutions we have implemented:

David George, founder of Pragma contacted Multimessage in 2012 to enquire about using our services for repairs and warranty management of the Ericsson-LG range of products Pragma were selling. Understanding Pragma's needs our IT department created an online portal and put in place the RMA processes for the products Pragma were selling but also included the legacy Ericsson-LG products supported by many of Pragma's resellers so their customers can raise an RMA directly with Multimessage, removing the need for Pragma to be involved in repairs and day to day warranty management.

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“Pragma appointed Multimessage as our UK warranty and repair partner for all Ericsson-LG products in 2012. Their service is outstanding, providing
fast turnaround for both in-warranty and out of warranty repairs. Using the Multimessage portal, our resellers can easily see if a product is still in warranty
and arrange for it to be returned. If the item is out of warranty they can see the repair price and request an RMA. Partnering with Multimessage means we can concentrate on new sales and support, knowing that handling of warranty and repairs is being professionally managed.”

Tim Brooks, Managing Director, Pragma

Multimessage have been a BT repair partner for many years. In 2014, Multimessage were contacted by BT about further repair work and our stock and logistics capabilities. BT required a more efficient service where repairs, logistics and stock management was managed by one company for a range of voice products. Our proposal to BT would revolutionise their stock management for this piece of business and soon we were in agreement and contract signed.

The systems we had in place and the new processes we created with BT soon transformed the support of current and legacy voice products for BT and the 3 month back log of parts we acquired when the contract was passed to Multimessage was up-to-date within 4 weeks. In this time we received over 300 pallets of BT stock from various previous suppliers to sort, count, and store as part of the process. There was no disruption to business as the service was transferred to Multimessage and BT now have a 99.2% success rate of getting parts dispatched same day from Multimessage.

Our portal gives BT full visibility of stock levels for the products we support, ability to order parts direct to customer site or to BT hubs around the country and reporting all from one place.

Our Managed Services model we created for BT is more efficient than their previous model and key to this is understanding the scope of the customer requirements, working together as one and tailoring our solution to their needs. We were informed after 6 months of the new contract that BT were able to close a complaints department down because our solution was working perfectly. The BT team that we worked with also went on to win an internal BT Blue Ribbon award for the work of both parties, the savings it created and also the improved customer service for the end user.

Multimessage have a long standing relationship with Maintel & Azzurri Communications. Azzurri was purchased by Maintel in 2016. In 2006 Multimessage were approached by the customer to offer repair and logistics services for a dect handset for a large retail chain. The previous model was expensive with a slow turnaround using the manufacturer, time consuming on administration and also dect handsets were going missing.

We were already repairing the phones in smaller quantities so had to up scale the volume of parts we stocked to support the repairs but this was quickly implemented. Our solution for dect support which is still very similar to this date was to offer stock management, repairs and logistics from our warehouse. The service desk create a request using our portal, we would send out a refurbished handset, collect the faulty item and repair and return to stock. Generally this whole process is completed within 7 working days.

For the customer this reduced the volume of stock held to support the end user customer. The problem of handsets going missing either by courier or left with engineers disappeared overnight. Both of these are big savings for the customer.

As with the nature of dect handsets the product needed ongoing support by our technical department in either sourcing or manufacturing replacement parts to ensure the repaired and refurbished handsets which were being sent to site continue to be high quality. This is all part of our extensive support for our customers and the products we support.

Hign Span/Support span have been a long standing customer of Multimessage for repairs and logistics. A recent project we completed for this High Span required pre configuration and distribution of 6000 Avaya phones and a router for each site to be sent direct to the end user customer. We have the warehouse space and facilities to roll out large projects so it was a perfect fit.

We produced a plan and process for the project and worked closely with High span technical department. High span provided the configuration files for each device and we supplied the engineering services to preconfigure each item, repacking and the recording MAC address and serial numbers before dispatching to the specified site.

This project meant High span engineers could attend sites knowing the kit was configured ready to go and the engineer had to simply install it. Working with the customer on this project meant it was rolled out on time, on budget and with the end user customer very happy.

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