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Multimessage Systems specialises in the repair of telecoms, data and networking products, with a strong company philosophy based on quality. Our repair centre is equipped to diagnose and repair electronic equipment down to component level for both maintainers and end users.

The range of products we repair are:

  • Digital and IP/SIP telephones
  • DECT and wireless handsets
  • System cards
  • Switches & Networking
  • Routers and peripheral equipment.
  • Power supplies
  • Fibre optic equipment

Our 22,000 sq ft repair centre includes extensive test equipment to help diagnose faults and find the intermittent faults that are easily missed by other repair centres. Our test environment enables us to maintain a high yield on successful repairs. We regularly invest in new equipment and engineer training to meet customer demands and changes in technology, recent examples include: BGA repair stations Environmental test chamber, CE Testing lab, Printing lab, 3D printing.

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Coupled with our concentration on a quality repair, we aim to provide a solution to whatever our customers need, and so we support legacy products dating back 20 years as well as current products being sold today.

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